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Our lead trial lawyer Brett Rivkind has an international reputation for dedication and excellence. His hard work and success have been recognized extensively through awards and special recognitions.

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Attorney Rivkind has obtained record jury verdicts and arbitration awards, many in the millions of dollars, and he has won the Verdicts Hall of Fame award. He has appeared on numerous television shows (including three separate appearances on Larry King Live), been quoted by many newspapers and media sources, and been consulted by other attorneys throughout the U.S. and abroad.

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Tourism is up in Florida.

The increase in tourists here also leads to increase the use of rentals, including personal watercraft such as jet skis. Personal injury and wrongful death claims will be governed by maritime laws. Our firm handles cruise ship and boating accidents and provides free consultations. Brett Rivkind has been helping victims of incidents at sea since 1983, and has been an invited speaker before congress addressing cruise ship safety. He is a safety advocate for those harmed at sea.

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