How US Citizens and Permanent Residents Can Provide Disaster Relief to Their Families

In the wake of a seemingly unending disasters Caribbean, Mexico and the U.S. many are reaching out to their families. Trying to ensure they are safe, and trying to help, any way they can.

The reconstruction of Puerto Rico, Dominica and Mexico will move slow, and many who are native to those areas will seek asylum where they have family, in the United States. While immigration from anywhere is a hot button issue in today’s political climate, there are a number of points that are not open to interpretation.

Recent research shows that when the people of smaller countries encounter natural disasters such as the earthquake and hurricanes that the Caribbean and Mexico have, migration is an option. The question is does this migration occur legally or are immigrants eager to escape a dire situation driven to migrate “undocumented”?

The research shows that when disaster hits other countries the US does see a spike in immigrant population following. United States Immigration data shows an increase in green cards after a disaster has struck that particular nation.

How does this happen? Established migrants can call on a U.S. policy that champions family reunification. The policy allows current citizens and permanent residents to sponsor relatives for green cards.

In both the Caribbean Islands (including Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Haiti) and Central America post hurricane migration to the United States is severe.

There is reason to assume that with an increase of volatile storms and weather, as many scientists have predicted, that there will be more people seeking to bring family over to the United States for safety.

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